Empowering Businesses with Autonomous AI Agents

AI solutions that are “truly” intelligent and that deliver results - That’s what you get from Attri. Our solutions are powered by the latest advancements in Autonomous AI and Generative AI.

  • 20+ Industry Solutions
  • 15+Domain Specific AI Agents
  • 30+R&D Projects

Our Assets

Innovate Faster with Attri's Custom AI Solutions and Advanced Ops Frameworks

Attri leads enterprise AI with advanced solutions and services powered by Foundation Models and Generative AI. Our horizontal tools drive business impact, enhance quality, and mitigate risk, while vertical toolkits unlock growth opportunities for specific industries.

Attri AI Agents

Experience game-changing AI autonomous agents - self-directed digital beings that streamline decision-making and execute actions efficiently. Transform your tech landscape today!

Attri AI Solutions

Accelerate your innovation with Attri AI Solutions. Our tailored solutions, powered by Foundation Models and Generative AI, drive real business results.

Attri Frameworks

Unlock the full potential of Foundation Models with Attri FMOps - the framework designed for reliability, scalability, and real impact.

Censius AI Observability Platform

AI Observability platform offers end-to-end visibility and monitoring for AI models and applications, ensuring high performance and reliability.

Our AI researchers push boundaries with Foundation Models and Generative AI, delivering innovative, data-driven solutions for measurable results.
From exploration to scaling, Attri has the expertise to help you succeed in AI.