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AI-led Digital Transformation With Google Cloud Business Solutions
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At Attri, we realize that every digital transformation endeavor is unique and comes with distinct challenges. Hence, progressive enterprises rely on cloud solutions to ensure seamless digital transformation. With Attri’s Google Cloud expertise, we empower enterprises with flawless, customized transformations and industry-specific business solutions.    

Digital technologies are at the heart of modern-day business success. Therefore enterprises trust reliable technology partners to mentor them in this digital transformation journey.

Attri + GCP drives success with Google’s vast cloud offerings and Attri’s proficiency in tech transformations.

With a dedicated team of certified professionals and domain experts, Attri helps customers mark success in AI-led digital initiatives.

Data migration
Machine Learning
Workflow orchestration
Google Kubernetes Engine
Cloud Storage
Big data analytics
Helping enterprises with

Attri’s GCP Services and Expertise

Data Migration

Seamlessly migrate workloads to the Google Cloud and modernize your enterprise infrastructure. Lay a firm foundation for cloud data engineering.  

Big Data Analytics-AI & ML

Ensure insights-driven and pragmatic decision-making with data analytics. Instantly deploy pre-trained AI solutions to drive more business value.  

Data Modernization

Harness the power of data with Data Platform Modernization. Integrate flawless data supply chain, analytics, visualization, and intelligent data governance.  

Workflow Orchestration

Ensure serverless workflow orchestration as a fully managed service. Easy-to-use, pay-per-use model to manage workflows across Google Cloud products and HTTP-based API services.

Google Cloud Consulting

Enjoy long-term cloud success with Attri’s Google Cloud Technical consulting.  Kubernetes excellence and cloud cost optimization efforts ensure a rewarding journey. 

Infrastructure Modernization

Modernize your enterprise infrastructure for enhanced security, developer productivity, process automation, containerization, and resource optimization. 

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Attri for Google Cloud Platform Consulting

The Google Cloud Platform offers a unique opportunity to accomplish your digital transformation with a secure platform, comprehensive machine learning, and data analytics capabilities. However, you need the right experts to modernize your infrastructure and successfully execute AI initiatives, making your Cloud Transformation journey worthwhile and more rewarding. 

GCP Expertise

Strengthen your team with Attri’s skilled resources that make ML and AI more accessible to you

Extensive Integration

Ensure AI success with Google’s plug-and-play solutions, pre-trained models, and end-to-end pipelines

ML Transformation

Build scalable, secure, and innovative cloud solutions for ML transformation with high security and  flexibility

Continued Support

Drive long-lasting results and cloud success with Attri’s ML prowess

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Case Study

Optimizing and Tracking Oil Rig Engines With AI-Led Predictive Maintenance

Our AI experts helped the company to implement AI-driven PdM solutions to solve all the issues and reduce the operation cost.

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Google Cloud Services For ML Success

Build the ideal ML solutions to transform your business

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