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Deep learning has been scaling new heights due to the rapid evolution of technologies. Among these, PyTorch is gaining a lot of popularity due to its ability to quickly train models for vision, speech and textual analysis. Being a relatively new technology developed and maintained by Facebook, PyTorch is used for complex numerical computations as well as cognitive computing.

With extensive experience in AI technologies, Attri’s team of developers have the right expertise to help organizations with their machine learning initiatives. 

Our experts help you to unearth deep insights from all types of structured, semi-structured and unstructured data.

Relevant Python development experience clubbed with our machine learning prowess enables us to provide the ideal solution.

Cognitive Services
Object Detection
Text Recognition
Predictive Analytics
Voice Recognition
Chatbot Development
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Attri’s Pytorch Development Services

PyTorch Audit

A thorough assessment of resources and processes to implement PyTorch, and devising a roadmap with well-defined KPIs for every role.

Model Development

From data labeling to model deployment and beyond - end-to-end development of varied machine learning models like computer vision, NLP, LSTM, etc.

MLOps Optimization

Developing processes, workflows, and data pipelines to ensure a smooth handover between teams resulting in faster got-to-market

PyTorch Management

An extended remote team to support your PyTorch applications and guide your team to independently manage and monitor the developed models

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Attri for PyTorch Consulting

We approach an ML project with curiosity and innovation, employing a first-principles approach.  Our experts dig deep into a project to understand its basics and build a solution from the ground up. Our quest for perfection does not stop at project delivery but extends to providing a delightful customer experience.
Diverse Source of Experts

Get your models built with some of the industry’s leading experts using PyTorch

Tailored Machine Learning Solutions

Machine learning solutions tailored to your infrastructure, data, and unique applications

Customer Experience Beyond Delivery

Professional handover workshop with detailed training and documentation on all the know-how of the model

Ultimate Professional Grade Support

An ML partner in your model management acting as a remote team to advise, answer and review operations

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Consult with Attri’s expert PyTorch developers

Get bespoke Machine Learning solutions to drive business growth.

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