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What are AI Agents

AI agents are a chain of programs that are primarily powered by Large Language Models (LLMs) to autonomously ideate, plan, and execute a given goal. They function similarly to smart robots but exist as computer programs instead.

An illustration of an AI agent represented as a virtual assistant, interacting with a user on a computer screen, streamlining their tasks

Some of the key features of AI agents include:

  • Autonomous decision-making

    AI agents can figure out what to do, when to do it, and how to get better at it, adapting to the situation at hand.

  • Priority-based action

    They can change what they're doing based on what's most important, ensuring optimal performance in any given scenario.

  • Efficiency and effectiveness

    AI agents help businesses do their work faster and easier, streamlining processes and improving overall productivity.

  • Human focus

    By automating certain tasks, AI agents allow people to focus on more interesting, intellectual, and creative aspects of their work.

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Beyond Functional and Form

Smart, Independent, and Always On: Meet Your New Digital Colleague

  • Goal

    The user defines the purpose of the Agent.

  • Task Creation

    The AI ideates and drafts a list of actions that should be undertaken.

  • Memory

    The AI can be integrated with a Vector Database to read or write data.

  • Self-Criticism

    The AI checks outcome-goal alignment after completing each task.

  • Task Prioritization

    AI assesses outcome-goal alignment and reprioritizes tasks accordingly to achieve the goal.

  • Always On

    The Agent keeps executing task after task in an end less loop until the goal is achieved.