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100%Data Privacy
99.99%Uptime Guarantee
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Cloud Agnostic

Attri AI Engine: Unlocking Automation Excellence

Automate time-consuming and complex tasks, allowing your team to focus on more strategic initiatives. The result? Faster decision-making and streamlined operations.

Internal Database Q&A

Customized Agent

Our AI assistants are specifically tailored to enhance customer interactions, providing a personalized service experience that meets individual customer needs.

Task Automation


Our AI solutions are designed to grow seamlessly alongside your business, ensuring that your expansion is matched by sustainable progress in AI capabilities.

HR Onboarding Process

Ready-to-Use Solutions

Implement our plug-and-play AI tools to swiftly accelerate your enterprise's journey towards digital transformation, with minimal setup time.

Optimized Project Management

Competitive Edge

Gain a formidable advantage by leveraging the latest in AI technology to outsmart competitors and secure a leading position in market innovation.

R&D Insights

Customized LLM (Large Language Model)

We offer bespoke language models that are fine-tuned to comprehend and engage with the specific jargon and requirements of your industry, enhancing communication efficiency.

R&D Insights

Operational Efficiency

By integrating AI into your workflows, you can significantly boost productivity and reduce costs, streamlining your operations for optimum performance.

3 Standout of Attri AI Engine

Employ a complete Gen AI ecosystem backed by Censius-powered AI observability, advanced role-based access control, and fine-tuning expertise.

  • Censius Observability & Monitoring

    Effortlessly integrate Censius' advanced AI observability tools to keep a vigilant eye on your models in real time, fine-tuning and retraining them for optimal performance.

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  • Advanced RBAC

    Implementing advanced role-based access control (RBAC), our Generative AI solutions suite caters to enterprise needs while ensuring secure, tailored access to knowledgebases for different team roles.

  • Fine-tuning Expertise

    Leverage our foundation models and fine-tuning expertise to obtain expertly calibrated AI models, precisely tailored to meet your specific business needs and objectives.

Attri AI Agent: Library

Ready-to-use solutions from Attri Agent Library

Marketing Content Generation

Automate and personalize your marketing content creation for campaigns that resonate and convert.

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Content Summarization

Effortlessly condense and transcribe content with AI, saving time and enhancing information accessibility.

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Harness AI to refine email tactics, personalize responses, extract insights, and optimize lead conversion, revolutionizing business communication.

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Utilize EnterpriseGPT for deeper business intelligence. Simplify interactions, easily retrieve information, and enhance team efficiency to gain a market advantage

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Sales Pitch

Quickly create sales proposals, pitches, and workflows with Sales Pitch Agent. Boost your sales and marketing efforts with fast, effective sales pitches, and automated outreaches.

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And there's more!

Attri offers a suite of 10+ Generative AI Agents, designed for flexible, standalone, or integrated use, tailored to your business goals.

Elevate Your Business Processes With Customized AI.

Deployment Information & Technical Requirements
Minimal Hardware Requirement
  • A Kubernetes cluster with 1 node for application, which should have: - 4 CPU and 8 GB RAM
  • 1 Cloud SQL Database

  • 1 Node with 4 CPU and 8 GB RAM for the vector database.

  • 1 Node with 2 CPU and 4 GB RAM for Rabbit MQ

    In case of AWS deployment, AmazonMQ as a service can be leveraged.
  • 1 Private BLOB storage bucket


How do I begin implementing Attri AI's custom solutions for my business?

Initiating your custom AI solution with Attri AI is straightforward. Simply Contact Us, provide your business details and requirements, and our engineering team will engage with you to discuss your objectives. We aim to deliver your tailored solution within 2-4 weeks of understanding your needs.

What kind of support can I expect during the deployment process?

We provide comprehensive assisted deployment. Our expert engineers will work closely with your IT team, handling the setup and configuration of your Attri AI solution in your environment. They'll stay engaged until every component is operational and fully tested to ensure a smooth transition.

Can Attri AI Engine keep up with the rapid growth of my company?

Absolutely. Attri AI is inherently scalable, designed to accommodate the expanding needs of any organization. Whether you're a blossoming startup or an established enterprise, our AI solutions are engineered to expand and adapt to your growing demands without any lapse in performance.

What uptime reliability does Attri AI offer?

Our AI Engine is built for resilience, offering a 99.999% uptime guarantee. This ensures that your AI-powered services are available whenever you need them, minimizing downtime and keeping your operations running smoothly.

Is a Kubernetes cluster necessary for Attri AI Engine deployment?

While a Kubernetes cluster is recommended for optimal scalability and management of the Attri AI applications, we understand it may not be feasible for all organizations. If a Kubernetes cluster is out of reach, our team can assist in deploying the Attri AI Engine on a single node or suggest alternative cost-effective solutions.

How does Attri AI ensure data privacy and security?

Data privacy is paramount at Attri AI. We employ industry-leading security practices and compliance measures to ensure 100% data privacy. Our solutions are designed to work with secure, private BLOB storage, and we support encryption in transit and at rest, along with strict access controls.

Can Attri AI integrate with my existing tech stack?

Our AI solutions are versatile and built to integrate smoothly with a wide range of technologies. We support various programming languages and frameworks, including but not limited to Python and React, and can connect with different databases and cloud services. We'll work with your technical team to ensure a seamless integration with your current stack.

What happens if we encounter issues post-deployment?

Post-deployment, Attri AI offers continued support to ensure your AI systems operate flawlessly. Should any issues arise, our dedicated support team is available to provide swift resolutions. Additionally, with regular updates and version upgrades each month, we proactively work to minimize potential disruptions.

Does Attri AI offer training for my team to manage the new AI tools?

Yes, we believe empowerment is key to success. Attri AI provides comprehensive training sessions tailored to your team's expertise levels. Our aim is to equip your staff with the knowledge and skills needed to confidently manage and maximize the benefits of the AI tools within your enterprise.