Introducing the Attri Interoperability Platform

As a group of data scientists, ML engineers, and business analysts, we saw a gap in enterprise AI adoption in the industry. Though enterprises realize the potential of AI, they have been primarily using it for specific use cases as yet another smaller feature.

Very few companies successfully adopt enterprise AI and make it the core of their business. Even the companies that have adopted enterprise AI complain about rigidity and scalability.

In our experience, we came across two major challenges for enterprise AI adoption.

Firstly, enterprises lack the flexibility to use the preferred best-in-class tools to build AI systems. Most popular cloud infrastructures like GCP, Azure, AWS, and the likes, have their suite of tools that are pushed along with their infrastructure. However, none of these infrastructure providers provide best-in-class tools for every stage of an ML project.

Secondly, there are very limited platforms that help you deploy your AI models in the infrastructure of your choice. The majority of AI development tools are owned by the trinity of GCP, AWS, and Azure. These platforms also tend to lock in your model with them. This inflexibility hampers your project efficiency and also limits your model scalability.

Apart from the above mentioned challenges, we also have the issue of model deployment and observability.

All these challenges pushed us to come up with our flagship product - the Attri Interoperability Platform.

What is the Attri Interoperability Platform?

The Attri Interoperability Platform acts as a layer over your current infrastructure and integrates all the tools and processes needed to build ML models. It is an AI service integration platform that gives you the flexibility to integrate all your models under one roof. With this flexibility, you can build and deploy multiple models over the platform. You can even monitor these models to ensure they are serving their purpose. 

Building The Enterprise AI Of Tomorrow

The Attri Interoperability Platform is designed to offer three distinct advantages for an effective enterprise AI adoption.

  • Integration
  • Visibility
  • Observability


For building and deploying high-quality models, you will have to use high-quality tools at every stage of your model development. Unfortunately, most AI vendors do not have a perfect AI suite to carry out the entire model development. They usually have one best tool used at a particular model development stage. 

For this reason, most enterprises deploy multiple models using different vendors. This creates a major problem of monitoring these models. At the same time, these prevent you from making AI the core of your business. 

For this purpose, the Attri Interoperability Platform forms an integrated mesh over your current infrastructure. You can mix and match tools from different technologies to build the best AI stack. It provides the convenience of plug-and-play to enterprises and streamlines your ML workflow.


Using an enterprise-wide AI requires it to be accessed by multiple stakeholders. Every person who deals with AI in any way needs to access it and harness it. The Attri Interoperability platform facilitates this feature by involving every stakeholder in the ML development cycle. From data scientists to business executives and everyone between them. Everybody can access the platform in their capacity and experience a smooth ML workflow.

This also facilitates a smoother and faster deployment as multiple teams can simultaneously work on a single model. They can also monitor the data used in the models, check the accuracy of the decisions made, and monitor model performance - all from a single console.


As organizations started implementing AI in multiple business operations, they observed a common challenge. Most of the leaders and data scientists were unable to explain the decisions made by their AI systems. This led to a much bigger issue when customers and governments demanded the reasoning behind the decisions made by their AI. There have even been cases where companies were fined for the mistakes made by their AI algorithms.

Companies wanted to overcome this “black box” challenge of AI. To address this, the Attri Interoperability Platform gives you the ability to monitor how models are performing, proactively identify issues, and mitigate outages. It also offers the following additional features.

  • Model decision explainability
  • Bias detection and prevention
  • Drift detection
  • Business KPI tracking

It also offers a centralized point for data collection. Businesses can extract key insights from this data repository and build dashboards with visualizations for everybody.

The Bigger Picture

At Attri, we see the benefits AI can provide to businesses and beyond. But to truly harness it, enterprises need the freedom to understand and apply AI in a centralized manner. If AI is made responsible and explicable, it can augment human efforts by multifold.

With this goal, we took the first step towards the future by creating the Attri Interoperability Platform. The open source AI platform overcomes the issues of platform inflexibility and observability by helping you create a custom AI stack that suits your needs and goals.

The Attri Interoperability Platform is only one of the paths towards our goal. We also intend to help enterprises with our expertise and solutions that make their AI adoption fast and accurate.

Amogh Balikai

Amogh Balikai

Amogh is a technical content specialist at Attri. With a background in computer science, he strives to understand and simplify ML for diverse readers.