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Enterprise AI is difficult.
We make it easier.

An enterprise system needs to facilitate performant data engineering, integration with different services, and reproducible pipelines, to name a few. A successful journey requires data scientists, system architects, ML engineers, backend engineers, and domain experts working in perfect synchrony.

Having built the industry's first AI interoperability platform, we understand the unique challenges associated with making AI successful for enterprises. Attri's tried-and-true success plan enables better outcomes at any stage of AI implementation.

AI Strategy

Focus on core business objectives by building an impact-driven AI strategy instead of a technology-driven one. Eliminate running AI in silos with a company-wide roadmap that recognizes core competencies, existing infrastructure, and future business plans.

Impact Analysis

Our domain experts identify hidden inefficiencies to unlock new areas of growth.

KPI Alignment

We work with executives to define goals and create metrics to achieve together.

Action Plan

Using our industry templates, we craft an action plan for a successful AI journey.

AI Responsibility

With Attri Trust AI framework, we explore bias, fairness, and flag any compliancy issues.

Build AI

AI-driven organizations need to do more than just hiring data scientists. Building enterprise-wide capabilities to scale the practice across the company ensures that AI is baked into the business, rather than sprinkled on top. With reproducible pipelines, deliver results consistently, now and in the future.


Our architects build atop existing infrastructure by engaging with your team.

Platform Engineering

We customize our flagship platform by integrating any commercial & OSS offerings.

Data Engineering

We help create reproducible data pipelines that can keep up with spikes in demand.

Machine Learning

Leveraging advances in ML, DL, & RL, our data scientists train best-in-class models.

Consume AI

With AI teams focused on successful engineering handover, customer experience often takes a backseat. Unless the digital last mile is bridged, it can have a significant impact on ROI. Imparting equal importance to a human-centered experience increases end-user buy-in and engagement.

UX Strategy

Attri's 3-week workshop to research, ideate, & design a stellar customer experience.

Digital Last Mile

Bridge the gap between API and users with end-to-end development.


The hallmark of AI success is entering the virtuous cycle of continuous improvement — user engagement, data generation, and model retraining. With meticulous planning, scalable systems, and dedicated MLOps, organizations can achieve exponentially better business outcomes.

Improving Outcomes

Platform updates, model retrains, compute scaling, and much more.

Knowledge Transfer

Our experts provide hands-on training in best practices for Enterprise AI.

Remote MLOps

Run a lean team. We act as your remote MLOps team, on demand.

Partner In Success

Successful AI initiatives aren't one-off. You can rely on us for the long haul.

Helping enterprises in every stage of AI adoption
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Why us

At Attri, we tackle every problem from a blank slate, thinking from first principles and rapidly iterating for unconventional yet consistently better outcomes.

AI Center Of Excellence

Innovate.  Stand out.

Interoperable Platform

Build ML, not infrastructure.

Pre-built Solutions

Accelerate ROI.

Customer Experience

Build for humans.

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The future of AI is responsible

With increasing AI adoption, stronger government regulations, and higher implications of biased outcomes, organizations are turning towards a responsible approach to their AI strategy.

Achieve compliance
Reduce bias and unfairness
Adopt AI governance

Being early adopters of ethical and trusted AI, we are advancing the field with our proprietary explainability framework. Your adoption can help amplify social impact.

Are you building responsibly?

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See how Attri can help achieve AI success by leveraging our Interoperability platform, solutions, and expertise.

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