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Harness the Power of Foundation Models with Attri's Cutting-Edge AI Framework

Powering Gen AI Solutions with Attri AI Foundation Model Ops

Our Foundation Model Ops Framework is designed to help enterprises harness the full power of Foundation Models and accelerate their Gen AI solutions. Our horizontal toolkits offer comprehensive solutions for enhancing quality and reliability, while our customized vertical toolkits unlock new opportunities for growth and success in specific industries.

With Attri AI Foundation Model Ops, enterprises can streamline their operations, optimize customer experience, and transform their business models entirely, all while delivering measurable results.


Leveraging cutting-edge tools and technologies to build innovative generative AI solutions

Model Chaining

Model chaining is a crucial component of the Attri Foundation Model Ops framework, allowing enterprises to string together multiple models to achieve more complex AI use cases. By enabling the output of one model to serve as the input for another, model chaining can facilitate more accurate predictions and insights, as well as greater automation and efficiency.

At Attri, we specialize in designing and implementing model chaining pipelines that are reliable, scalable, and customized to the specific needs of our clients.

Model Evaluation & Experiment

The Model Evaluation & Experiment section of the Attri Foundation Model Ops framework is designed to enable enterprises to experiment with different models and evaluate their performance in a controlled environment. This allows for faster iteration and continuous improvement, ultimately leading to more accurate and effective AI solutions.

Our team at Attri is dedicated to developing tailored evaluation frameworks that allow our clients to optimize their models and achieve superior results.

AI Observability

Model Monitoring, Model Evaluation & Responsible AI

The Censius AI monitoring and observability platform is a crucial element of the Attri FMOps platform, allowing enterprises to monitor their AI models' performance in real-time. With deep insights into model behavior, data quality, and essential metrics, Censius empowers businesses to swiftly identify and resolve issues, resulting in more accurate AI solutions.

At Attri, we understand the significance of AI monitoring and observability for our clients' AI initiatives. That's why we've partnered with Censius to provide the most advanced and comprehensive AI monitoring and observability platform on the market.

Vector Databases

Our team at Attri specializes in providing enterprises with customized vector database solutions, designed to efficiently store and query high-dimensional data. By utilizing cutting-edge algorithms to compress and index vectors, our solutions enable faster search and retrieval operations, ultimately leading to more accurate and timely insights.

Model Training

At Attri, we specialize in providing enterprises with tailored training solutions, designed to enable faster and more accurate development and refinement of machine learning models. Our team of experts utilizes cutting-edge techniques and technologies, such as transfer learning and federated learning, to help enterprises scale their AI initiatives and drive real business impact.

Hosting, Inference & GPU

The Hosting, Inference & GPU section of the Attri Foundation Model Ops framework provides enterprises with the tools they need to effectively deploy and scale their AI models. Our hosting solutions provide secure and reliable cloud-based infrastructure, while our GPU solutions enable faster and more efficient model inference.

Enhance your AI potential using Attri's tailored strategies and expertise.

Foundation Models

Foundation models are the cornerstone of modern AI, providing a solid starting point for a wide range of applications and use cases.
At Attri, we use the right foundation models to build customized solutions that empower enterprises to achieve real business impact through innovation and data-driven insights.

Benefits of Attri FMOps framework:

  • Faster time to market

  • Seamless scalability for long-term success

  • Minimized risk and increased confidence

  • Continuous improvement for access to latest AI advancements

  • Reduced costs through optimized resource utilization

  • Customized solutions for maximum value