Expertly crafted AI Solutions, tailored for your business by Attri

Custom-built AI Solutions that improve the acceleration of business and data science teams, adding visibility and auditability to the ML process to launch AI projects rapidly.

  • 1

    Define and select

    Define the problem or opportunity you want to solve and select the appropriate AI Solution from Attri's pre-built options or opt for a custom development service.

  • 2

    Customize and integrate

    Customize the selected selection to fit your specific needs and integrate it into your existing systems and workflows.

  • 3

    Test and optimize

    Test the AI Solution to ensure it is working as expected, monitor its performance and improve it over time.

Innovate faster with Attri's ready-to-use AI Solutions.

AI Solutions are for product managers and software engineers who want to apply machine learning to prominent industry use cases efficiently. Managers and executives can deploy a ready-made Solutions or customize it as required.


Data Connectors

Data Connectors


Org Data Storage

Amazon S3
Azure Data Lake
Google Cloud Platform

Operational Systems


Data Artifacts

Pre-calculated features
Dedicated data sets

Open APIs




Text Corpuses

Stanford NLP

Industry Blueprints

Industry Blueprints

Industry Blueprints

  • Personalization Blueprints

  • Recommendation Engine

  • Demand Forecasting

Finance & Banking Blueprints

  • Stocks prediction

  • Fraud Detection

  • Customer Segmentation

Social Media Blueprints

  • Deep content search

  • Sentiment analysis

  • Predict traffic

Manufacturing Blueprints

  • Fault detection

  • Demand prediction

  • Inventory Optimization

Supply Chain & Logistics Blueprints

  • Inventory Management

  • Demand Forecasting

  • Predictive Maintenance

Retail & Ecommerce Blueprints

  • Customer Churn Prediction

  • Demand Forecasting

  • Inventory Optimization


Deployment Components

Deployment Stack


  • Scalable API

  • Batch Inference

  • Real-time Inference


  • Models Health

  • System Health

  • New Data Health

Delivering Value Through AI Solutions

We assemble and deploy solutions that transform the way our clients work.

Quick and easy deployment

AI Solutions can be easily deployed and integrated into various applications and workflows.

Pre-built functionality

AI Solutions offer pre-built functionality for common AI tasks, such as sentiment analysis, image classification and text completion.


Using pre-built models is more cost-effective than building models from scratch, as it can significantly reduce the time and resources required for development.

High-quality results

AI Solutions are built on advanced large language models and transformers like GPT-3 which provides high-quality results, less prone to errors and can provide more accurate predictions.


AI Solutions can be easily customized to meet specific needs, allowing developers to fine-tune the models and create new capabilities based on their use case.

Reduced risk

By using pre-built models, the risk of errors and poor performance is reduced as the models are already trained and refined by experienced data scientists and AI experts.


The Solutions can be easily deployed and scaled to handle large numbers of requests, making it well suited for production environments.

Faster time-to-market

By using pre-built models and functionality, development time is significantly reduced, allowing to get products and services to market faster.

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