We are not your typical AI vendors! We are expert Researchers, Architects, AI Engineers and Collaborators.

Our mission at Attri is to drive the frontiers of AI through rigorous research and development and to use our insights to create transformative technologies that benefit organizations and humans.

Bringing AI and innovation to every organization* in the world.

* No organization is without a unique problem. Attri can help you fix that.

At Attri, we want to solve the biggest problems with AI and MLOps, responsibly and ethically.

We develop artificial intelligence that puts the needs and values of humans first and use AI to create a better future for all people.

AI for the benefit of all

We recognize that AI has the potential to be used for both good and harm, and we are committed to ensuring that our research is used for the benefit of all people. Attri prioritizes the development of AI that is fair, unbiased, and transparent.

Delivering real value with AI technologies

We are committed to the development of AI technologies that are reliable, efficient, and effective, and that deliver real value to our customers.

Research, Design, and Solutions

We help companies become AI-first organizations with research in the AI field, designing and applying AI processes, platforms, and solutions for success.

Harnessing AI for Non-AI organizations

We offer AI consulting, training, licensing, and investment services to help non-AI organizations incorporate AI technologies into their products/services and become AI-first. This helps improve efficiency, increase competitiveness, and better serve customers.

Ensuring highest ethical standards

We continuously review and update our practices to ensure they align with the highest ethical standards and are in humanity's best interests.

Harmonizing AI and human cognition

We continuously study and monitor the intersection of artificial intelligence and human cognition and use our findings to improve how AI and humans work together.