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Transform Your Customer Service with Generative AI Chatbots
Elevate Customer Service with Generative AI-driven Chatbots. Personalize support, automate inquiries, and escalate complex issues, transforming service into an intelligent & responsive model.

Transforming Customer Interactions with Generative AI Precision

Our Generative AI-Powered Customer Service Chatbots provide a seamless, efficient, and highly personalized customer experience, learning and improving with every interaction. By automating routine queries and integrating deeply within your business processes, we free up your human agents to focus on complex issues.

Industry Use-Cases

E-commerce and Retail

Handle inquiries about products, process orders, and resolve issues without delay. Offer personalized shopping advice, track deliveries, and manage returns, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable shopping experience.

Banking and Finance

Handle routine inquiries such as account balance checks, transaction histories, and even complex processes like loan applications. Provide instant service while ensuring compliance and security, enhancing customer trust and satisfaction.


Schedule appointments, provide information on treatments, and answer common health questions. Offer personalized health reminders or follow-up care instructions, significantly improving patient engagement and care efficiency.

Travel and Hospitality

Offer travel recommendations, managing bookings, and answering inquiries about itineraries, accommodations, and services. Provide instant support for changes or cancellations, enhancing the customer experience.


Answer students' and faculty's FAQs, facilitate enrolment processes, and provide course information. 24/7 resource for learning support, administrative tasks, and community engagement, improving accessibility and satisfaction.


Manage account inquiries, troubleshoot service issues, and process changes to plans or services. Reduce wait times and improve customer satisfaction, allowing human agents to focus on more complex customer needs.

Enhance Your Customer Service with Chatbots
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Solution’s Capabilities

Interactive Q&A
Automates personalized responses to frequently asked questions, significantly reducing response times and improving cost efficiency.
Automated Ticketing
Streamline issue tracking & resolution with capabilities to escalate issues effectively.
Summarize Conversations
Summarize conversations for the support team, streamlining the handover process and enhancing team awareness.
Custom Workflow Automation
Enhances complex customer service processes through CRM syncing, sentiment analysis, document analysis, customer analysis, success management, and helpdesk software integration for an efficient approach.
Human Agent Handover & Agent Co-pilot
Ensures complex issues are smoothly transferred to human agents with an intelligent fallback mechanism, immediate routing to relevant agents, and contextual handover, while also empowering agents with advanced AI and document cognition.
Marketing and Sales Capabilities
Promote products, inform customers about deals, make smart suggestions based on customer intent, and boost engagement with updates about events.

Case Studies

E-commerce Giant Enhances Customer Service
An e-commerce giant overcame customer service challenges by implementing Attri's AI-Powered Customer Service Chatbots. These bots automated responses to common queries, streamlined order processing and returns, and offered personalized shopping advice with real-time delivery tracking.

This led to a 40% reduction in response times, significantly boosting customer satisfaction. The smooth transition to human agents for complex issues ensured personalized attention, enhancing the overall shopping experience.
Transforming Banking and Financial Services
A leading bank sought to improve its customer service experience by providing instant responses to routine inquiries and streamlining loan application processes. Attri's Customer Service Chatbots were deployed to automate account balance checks, transaction history inquiries, and assist in loan applications, all while ensuring compliance and security. The implementation led to a 50% decrease in customer wait times and a 35% increase in loan application processing efficiency. The bank benefited from enhanced customer trust and satisfaction, attributing these successes to the intelligent capabilities of Attri's chatbots.
Healthcare provider improves patient engagement
Healthcare provider enhances patient care with Attri's AI Chatbots, offering personalized health reminders, streamlined appointment scheduling, and improved follow-up care.

Results include a 30% increase in adherence to timely follow-up care and a 25% boost in patient satisfaction. Attri's solution demonstrates the transformative impact of AI in healthcare customer service.

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