Contract Intelligence
A Smart Way to Manage All Your Contracts
Redefine contract management with cutting-edge Gen-AI technologies, empowering your team to automatically draft, analyze, and manage your contracts.

Contract Intelligence: Your Gateway to Informed Decisions

Empower your legal and procurement teams with Contract Intelligence solutions equipped with sophisticated machine learning algorithms and natural language processing capabilities to efficiently categorize, extract, and analyze contract data, enabling faster contract reviews, better risk mitigation, and improved vendor management practices.

Industry Use-Cases

Legal Services

Transforming legal services with Contract Intelligence, empowering law firms to streamline contract review, automate legal research, and enhance client representation.

Finance and Banking

Revolutionizing finance and banking with Contract Intelligence, enabling financial institutions to ensure regulatory compliance, optimize vendor contracts, and mitigate financial risks.


Driving innovation in healthcare with Contract Intelligence, facilitating contract lifecycle management, ensuring HIPAA compliance, and optimizing vendor relationships for better patient care.


Get more efficiency in the insurance sector with Contract Intelligence, automating policy management, analyzing insurance contracts for risks, and ensuring compliance with industry regulations.

Human Resources (HR)

Use AI to streamline HR operations and employee contract management, automate compliances, and optimize recruitment processes for enhanced workforce efficiency.

Sales and Procurement

Give the transformative power of AI to expedite contract negotiations, swiftly identify favorable terms, and mitigate risks, ultimately leading to faster deal closures and improved vendor relationships.

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Solution’s Capabilities

Automated Drafting of Contracts
Accelerate contract drafting with AI to generate initial contracts, customize templates, and expedite the contract creation process, empowering teams to focus on strategic initiatives.
Clause Recommendation
Generative AI can suggest contract clauses based on agreement type, past negotiations, and results.
Managing Contracts
Improve contract management with our solution, offering deadline tracking, renegotiation, auto-renewal alerts, and negotiation support for better outcomes.
Highlighting Ambiguities and Inconsistencies
Identify and clarify ambiguous or inconsistent contract language to prevent misinterpretations and resolve issues during review.
Language Optimization
Using generative AI can improve contract language to make it more comprehensible, succinct, and legally sound.
Ensuring Regulatory Compliance
Ensure compliance with AI-powered Contract Intelligence, reviewing contracts for legal adherence to minimize risks and avoid penalties.

Case Studies

Enhancing Legal Efficiency: Transforming Contract Management with AI
Explore how Attri's Contract Intelligence solution revolutionizes legal services, enabling law firms to streamline contract review, automate legal research, and enhance client representation. By leveraging sophisticated machine learning algorithms, this solution accelerates contract review processes by up to 70%, reducing manual effort and mitigating risks. Legal teams can make informed decisions faster, ensuring compliance and optimizing vendor relationships
Insurance Innovation: Streamlining Contract Management with AI
Witness the efficiency boost in the insurance sector with Attri's Contract Intelligence solution, automating policy management, analyzing insurance contracts for risks, and ensuring compliance with industry regulations. Experience up to 80% reduction in contract review time, enabling insurance companies to optimize vendor relationships and minimize compliance risks. With AI-powered automation, contract lifecycle management becomes seamless, promoting better patient care and vendor relationships.
Optimizing Sales Efficiency: Expediting Contract Negotiations with AI
Discover Attri's Contract Intelligence solution, revolutionizing sales and procurement by significantly speeding up negotiations, finding favorable terms, and reducing risks, resulting in up to 50% faster deal closures, better vendor relationships, and accelerated business growth.
Empower your sales teams with advanced AI to streamline processes, minimize compliance risks, and drive unprecedented efficiency in contract management.

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