Connect and Collaborate: Chat Solution for Every Interaction
Boost customer engagement with our AI Chat Widget: Customizable, Secure, and Effortlessly integrated with only 3 lines of HTML code. Tailor the chat to your business needs for instant, contextually relevant interactions with your audience.

Collaborate Seamlessly: The Connected Chat Experience

Streamline your business communication with our AI-driven, customizable chat widget solution. Designed for seamless integration, this tool synchronizes all your communication channels, ensuring consistent and secure interactions. With its advanced knowledge base integration, it provides contextually relevant responses, tailored to your business's unique needs.

Industry Use-Cases

E-Commerce Support

Provide instant customer support, handling FAQs and product inquiries and aiding in purchases, leading to improved customer experience.

Team Collaboration

Facilitate efficient, real-time discussions, seamless resource sharing, and effective project collaboration among team members.

IT Support and Assistance

Make a lasting impression on job candidates by sending personalized videos to showcase your company culture and job opportunities.

HR Recruitment & Onboarding

Streamline hiring by automating answering queries and parts of the recruitment process, and providing new hires with essential information.

Lead Generation

Capture leads on your website and engage prospects with automated responses to their queries, streamlining your sales process.

AI Persona Customization

Tailors AI chat personas precisely to match specific user requirements, significantly enhancing interaction quality and overall user experience.

Collaborate With Connected Chat Experience
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Solution’s Capabilities

Knowledge Base Integration
Enhances interactions with accurate, context-specific responses by tapping into extensive, integrated knowledge bases.
Customizable User Interface
Allows extensive customization of the chat widget to align with brand identity and enhance user experience.
Intelligent (AI) Interaction for Enhanced Experience
By leveraging datasources, bot can understand and anticipate user needs intelligently, and facilitate more intuitive and efficient interactions.
Robust Data Security
Ensures top-level data protection and privacy compliance, safeguarding sensitive information and user conversations.
Seamless Integration on Client Portals
Ensures effortless embedding through a concise, two-line code snippet, facilitating the launch of a responsive chatbot bubble on any client portal.

Case Studies

E-Commerce Retailer Enhances Customer Support
A prominent e-commerce retailer faced challenges in handling a high volume of customer inquiries, especially during peak sales periods. By partnering with Attri to integrate the AI Chat Widget, the retailer was able to offer instant support for FAQs, product inquiries, and assistance with purchases. The result was a marked improvement in customer satisfaction, with a 30% reduction in cart abandonment rates. The chat widget's seamless integration and its ability to handle high volumes of interactions efficiently made it a pivotal tool in enhancing the online shopping experience.
Global IT Company Streamlines Support Operations
An international IT company was struggling with the timely resolution of technical support tickets and efficient resource allocation. Implementing Attri's AI Chat Widget transformed their IT support and assistance framework. Immediate technical support and effective ticket tracking capabilities led to a 50% decrease in average resolution time and a significant increase in customer satisfaction scores. The intelligent interaction capabilities of the chat widget allowed for quick problem identification and resolution, optimizing the company's IT support workflow.
Innovative Start-Up Accelerates HR Processes
A rapidly growing start-up sought to streamline its recruitment and onboarding processes to support its expansion. Attri's AI Chat Widget was deployed to automate responses to common HR queries and parts of the recruitment process, providing new hires with essential onboarding information. This implementation led to a 40% reduction in the time HR spent on routine inquiries, allowing them to focus on strategic initiatives. Moreover, the start-up saw an improvement in the onboarding experience for new hires, contributing to higher employee engagement and retention rates from the outset.

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