Intelligent Document Processing
Streamline & Accelerate Document Processing using Generative AI
Effortlessly extract, interpret, analyze, and verify data from various documents such as PDFs, emails, scanned forms for a faster, and effective approach.

Elevate Your Edge with LLM-Driven Document Intelligence

Experience the future of document handling with Intelligent Document Processing (IDP), powered by Generative AI and LLM. Use your document data to Identify Patterns, Extract Useful Information, Automate Processes, Increase Accuracy, and Produce Predictions without Human Participation.

Industry Use-Cases

Finance and Accounting

Unleash AI-driven financial potential seamlessly for invoices, tax documents, and financial contracts.


Let IDP streamline intellectual property filings, expedite contract reviewing, and enhance case file management

Insurance and Claims

Revolutionize and accelerate the insurance workflow, from policy validation to claims settlement.


Swift customer onboarding, simplified lending documents, and seamless digital payments


Harness the power of AI to manage customer documents, assess loan applications, and mortgage processing.


Transform the healthcare landscape by digitally managing patient records, insurance claims, and simplifying forms.

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Solution’s Capabilities

Automated Document Classification
Let Generative AI automatically categorize and organize your documents, streamlining your workflow.
Data Extraction
Effortlessly extract valuable data from documents with LLM intelligence, enhancing efficiency and accuracy.
Customizable Workflows
Tailor workflows to your unique needs, optimizing document processing with smart integration.
Validation and Verification of Documents
Ensure document accuracy and compliance with smart verification powered by machine learning.
Unstructured Documents to Structured Data Formats
Transform unstructured documents into organized, structured data formats using the power of machine learning and smart integration.
Document Archiving & Retrieval
Efficiently store and retrieve documents with integrated archiving, made smarter with generative AI.

Case Studies

Streamlining Finance and Accounting with Attri's AI-Driven Solutions
Attri's Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) system was deployed to address the challenges of manual document handling in the finance and accounting sector.

Attri's solution reduced processing time by 40% and operational costs by 30% for a major financial institution, improving document accuracy and freeing up resources for strategic projects, showcasing the significant ROI it offers to the finance sector.
Revolutionizing Legal Document Management with Attri's IDP
A legal firm strategically leveraged Attri's IDP system, incorporating advanced AI technologies to automate the management of intellectual property filings, contract reviews, and case file management; this transformative initiative resulted in a remarkable 50% improvement in document processing speed and a substantial 25% increase in accuracy, ultimately showcasing the significant return on investment (ROI), elevating client satisfaction through technological integration into document workflows.
Optimizing Patient Records Management for Enhanced Healthcare Services
Attri collaborated with a healthcare provider to digitize patient records, insurance claims, and admission forms, employing its IDP technology to automate and streamline document processes. The project led to a 75% automation rate of document handling tasks, a 60% increase in claims processing speed, and a 40% reduction in administrative expenses. This case study proves the value of its IDP solutions in improving healthcare operations and patient care.

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