Invoice Generation & Processing
Unleash the Power of Generative AI for Invoice Generation & Processing.
Automate invoice processing with AI for tasks like sending custom invoices, payment reminders, acknowledgments, personalized client messages, and a lot more. Experience seamless efficiency.
Effortlessly Create Invoices in a few minutes.
Say Hello to Automated Invoice Processing Solution. Our solutions revolutionize invoicing processes, enhancing operational agility and customer satisfaction across various industries.
Use Cases: Solutions in Action

Banking, Finance and Accounting

Streamline financial operations with automated invoice processing, ensuring accurate record-keeping and efficient payment management.

Logistics and Shipping

Simplify billing procedures and enhance supply and logistics management cost control through automated invoice processing, facilitating accurate invoicing and timely payments.


Empowering legal practices with data-driven precision. Our solution empowers firms to elevate their performance and deliver exceptional client service.


Transforming patient care with data-driven precision, our healthcare solutions streamline facility operations, ensuring every interaction is driven by insight and efficiency.

Retail & E-commerce

Automated Invoice management drives sales efficiency and customer satisfaction in e-commerce businesses, enabling order processing, payment tracking, & financial reporting.

Professional Services, SaaS and more

Our solutions redefine efficiency in professional services and SaaS industries by elevating service excellence through data insight.

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Solution Capabilities
Automated Invoice Generation
Say goodbye to manual invoice creation. Our system automatically generates invoices, saving you time and effort.
Sending Payment Reminders
Never miss a payment deadline again. Our system sends personalized reminders to clients, ensuring prompt payments and improved cash flow.
Invoice Processing
Driving streamlined efficiency and accuracy, our solution leverages data extraction and invoice segregation.
Customized and Personalized Templates
Impress your clients with professional and personalized invoice templates tailored to their preferences, enhancing your brand image and customer experience.
Error Detection and Correction
No more billing errors! Our solution automatically detects and corrects errors in invoices, ensuring accuracy and compliance with regulatory standards.
Customized Workflows
Tailor your invoicing process to your unique needs with customizable workflows.
Real World Applications

Optimizing Financial Workflows: Automated Invoice Processing in Banking

Attri's Automated Invoice Processing solution has revolutionized financial operations for a leading bank, streamlining invoice generation and processing. By leveraging AI-powered automation, the bank has reduced manual processing time by 60% and improved payment processing accuracy by 80%. With seamless integration with existing banking systems, the solution has enhanced operational efficiency and positioned the bank for continued growth in the competitive banking landscape.

Efficient Billing Solutions: Automated Invoice Processing in Healthcare

In the healthcare sector, Attri's Automated Invoice Processing solution stands as a transformative force, revolutionizing patient care by optimizing facility operations and billing processes, automating invoice generation and processing. This groundbreaking approach has resulted in a remarkable 70% reduction in invoice processing time and a substantial 90% improvement in billing accuracy, empowering healthcare providers to concentrate on delivering superior patient care while concurrently minimizing administrative burdens and streamlining payment management processes.

Streamlining Retail Operations: Automated Invoice Processing in Retail

Attri's Automated Invoice Processing solution has significantly elevated sales efficiency for retail businesses by seamlessly automating the entire invoice management and processing workflow; equipped with the capability to effortlessly generate invoices, streamline payment tracking, and efficiently reduce invoice processing time by an impressive 50%, thereby empowering retail enterprises to harness the transformative potential of AI-powered automation, fortify their operational prowess, and gain a competitive edge in the ever-evolving retail landscape, ultimately fostering sustained business growth and unparalleled success.


What is an invoice generation and processing solution?

Generative AI empowers you to automate invoice creation and delivery, drawing from your past invoicing data to inform new invoices. It also enables sending personalized reminder settings, processing invoices efficiently, and identifying & fixing any discrepancies or errors.

How does this solution differ from traditional invoice generation and processing?

Unlike traditional processes of invoice generation, which often require manual data entry and can be time-consuming or error-prone, this solution automates and streamlines the invoice management process. It leverages LLM intelligence to provide context about the invoices to understand, interpret, and create new ones.

How can I leverage this solution to enhance business value?

Streamline the entire invoice generation and sending process, leverage our solution’s custom workflows for your business (for example, sending invoices to the accounts department immediately after sending them to the clients), minimize errors and more.

What are the primary benefits of using the invoice generation and processing solution?

The solution provides many benefits, including reduced manual efforts, time savings, increased accuracy, automated follow-up system and enhanced operational efficiency, among others. It helps prevent common invoicing errors such as overbilling, underbilling and more.

Can we input our own invoice templates for this solution to learn from?

Yes, you can input your invoice and billing templates to enable the AI to learn from these documents, applying the knowledge to the generation of new invoices.

How quickly can this solution generate a customized invoice?

Our solution significantly shortens the time needed to create customized invoices. Within seconds, you can generate new invoices, modify existing ones and send them to clients with custom reminders.

Can I customize invoices and payment reminders?

Absolutely! Our solution allows you to customize invoices and payment reminders with your branding, including logos, and adjust the content to suit your business tone and message.

Will this solution integrate with my existing accounting or CRM software?

Yes, invoice generation and processing can be easily integrated with your business systems, CRMs and more, enhancing your existing workflow.

How quickly can I start using this solution?

By leveraging Attri’s accelerated solution development process, we can efficiently implement this solution for your business in just a few days.