Generate Floor Plans
Leverage Generative AI to Create
Customized Floor Plans
Automate and revolutionize the floor plan creation process with limitless options based on design and project requirements, enhancing efficiency and creativity.
Effortless Floor Plan Creation in Minutes.
Revolutionize spatial planning across diverse industries with our effortless floor plan creation in minutes. Our solution simplifies and accelerates layout design across multiple sectors, revolutionizing the way businesses approach spatial planning.
Solutions for Industries

Architectural Firms

Elevate design efficiency with our Gen AI for Automated Floor Plans, enabling your firms to swiftly generate precise layouts, reducing time and enhancing creativity.

Real Estate Developers

Visualize your projects seamlessly using Generative AI for Automated Floor Plans, providing a competitive edge in showcasing potential properties.

Construction Companies

Streamline project planning and execution with AI-powered solutions for customized floor plans, ensuring accurate and efficient resource allocation.

Retail Space Planners

Revamp retail space planning and improve customer flow and sales by optimizing store setups.


Design flexible and innovative floor plans in the hospitality industry to meet evolving guest needs.

Interior Design

Empower interior designers to present unique design layouts to clients effortlessly using our innovative tool.

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Solution Capabilities
Automated & Customizable Floor Layout Generation
Leverages the power of Artificial Intelligence to create floor plans with remarkable efficiency and flexibility.
Multi-Format Floor Plan Exports
Optimize designs with versatile exports. Save floor plans in JPEG, PDF, .DXF and more for easy sharing and printing.
Regulatory & Compliance Support
Research building regulations and conduct compliance checks for generated floor plans.
Space Optimization
Design creative solutions that optimize space usage.
Design with constraints
Adopt a more strategic and informed approach to designing floor plans, incorporating aspects such as local building codes, material & cost implications, and more.
Make Informed Decisions
Generate floor plans strategically, considering local building codes, material costs, and other relevant factors.
Real World Applications

Revolutionizing Architectural Planning with Attri's Generative AI

Attri's Generative AI solution significantly transformed the architectural design process for a leading architectural firm. By automating the creation of detailed floor plans, the firm was able to reduce design times by up to 70%, allowing architects to focus on innovation and customization. The AI's ability to quickly generate precise layouts and adhere to local building codes streamlined the planning phase, enhancing overall design efficiency and creativity. The firm reported a notable improvement in project turnaround times and client satisfaction, highlighting the competitive edge gained through Attri's technology.

Attri's AI-Powered Floor Plans Elevating Real Estate Development

In the competitive real estate market, a developer utilized Attri's Generative AI floor plan solution to revolutionize how properties are visualized and marketed. The technology enabled the creation of customizable and innovative floor plans in minutes, providing a significant advantage in showcasing potential projects to investors and buyers. This resulted in a 50% faster pre-sale process and enhanced buyer engagement through virtual tours based on AI-generated plans. The developer credited Attri's solution for not only speeding up sales cycles but also for providing a scalable tool to explore various design configurations effortlessly.

Optimizing Retail Layouts with Attri's Space Planning AI

A retail chain faced challenges in optimizing store layouts to improve customer flow and increase sales. By implementing Attri's Generative AI for floor planning, the retailer was able to design innovative, customer-friendly layouts, leading to a 30% increase in customer satisfaction and a 20% rise in sales. The AI's space optimization capabilities allowed for rapid experimentation with different layouts, ensuring the best possible use of retail space. This case study showcases how Attri's floor plan solution can directly contribute to business growth by improving the retail environment and shopping experience.


How quickly can this solution produce a floor plan?

Creating floor plans with Generative AI significantly shortens the design timeline, often generating initial floor plan concepts in minutes, depending on complexity and specific requirements.

How can this solution improve the floor planning process?

It accelerates design iterations, offers innovative layout solutions, and reduces manual effort, enabling designers and architects to focus on customization and optimization.

How can I implement this solution for my business?

By leveraging Attri’s accelerated solution development process, we can efficiently implement this solution for your business in just a few days.

Can floor plans designed through this solution be customized?

Yes, these plans are highly customizable, allowing adjustments to suit unique preferences, space requirements, and design standards.

What file formats does this solution support?

We currently support exporting to JPEG, PNG, PDF, .DXC and more file formats, facilitating easy integrations in your workflows. We do offer options to add a custom integration as per your business needs.

Can this solution be used for both residential and commercial floor plans?

Absolutely, it’s versatile enough to handle the diverse needs of both residential and commercial design projects.

How can I make revisions to a generated floor plan?

Revisions can be easily made by adjusting the input parameters or prompts given to the application.

How does Generative AI manage space optimization in floor plans?

By analyzing vast amounts of data and design rules, it identifies optimal layouts and space usage, ensuring efficient and practical designs.

Does Generative AI support the creation of 3D floor plans?

Yes, Generative AI does support 3D floor plan models, offering a comprehensive view of the design.

How does Generative AI ensure compliance with local building codes?

AI incorporates predefined rules and regulations to generate compliant designs, but manual review is advised for specific local code adherence.